Ian's history


I recently found an old photograph of me from University days - that puts it about 40 years ago - 1979, I think.

Picture of cast and crew.

This was the 'cast and crew' picture of a play that we put on as students. Jeff wrote and directed it. I produced it, Lois did the Stage Management and Paul did the sound. The others are the cast. I can't remember the name of the play, now - I think it was something like "Width of a Circle", which was a re-write of a play that Jeff had written a couple of years before with a rather more obscure title - "Suburban Games", I think.

The people in it, as far as I can remember, are:

Left to right, front row (seated):

  Paul Now a BBC sound man - here's his IMDB page
  Can't remember  
  Penny Lost touch
  Les Last I heard was that she is a Company Secretary in London
  Jeff A teacher, married to Sue (see below)

Left to right, back row (standing):

  Sue Now a teacher - married to Jeff (see above)
  Me Would you believe the hair?
  Lois Married to me - see her pages
  Pete Was our Best Man. Now a VERY successful lawyer in London.
  Can't remember  
  Joy (I think) Lost touch