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This is Lois's page

You have landed on my web-page, so here is a message about me for you to read.

Like most women I know, my daily life means that I have several different roles to play. You will be able to guess what they are easily, so here is another view. Sometimes I give free reign to my imagination and think about what would be expected of me if humanity had taken a turn down a different road many millennia ago. What would our society be like today if we valued co-operation one with another more highly than our drive towards controlling other people? Would we have war, or repressed sectors of society. Would we want to buy designer clothes or live in houses made of blocks? What would each of us do from day-to-day to make sure that we had food, warmth and shelter and something to nourish our inner beings? I wonder!

Having rejected all the belief systems I have encountered from others, I have designed my own. I believe that we are all part of the same universal entity, but exhibit particular aspects of it in this particular form that we find ourselves in. We are here today as physical beings in the environment that we perceive all around us and tagged to time going in one direction. If we close our eyes and suspend our hearing then we are often able to pick up much more than just our physical surroundings. I find it interesting to explore this “other” environment and myself placed in its universal context.

Organising things comes easily to me. I love organising trips out, visits to the theatre and meals in interesting restaurants for my family and friends. Sometimes these are planned for months in advance if they are to celebrate a special event like a birthday or anniversary. At other times they are on-the-spur-of-the-moment, very simple happenings like an indoor pick-nic or a trip on a bus instead of driving, and these I find really good fun too.

All in all I am a happy person who enjoys people, places and interesting experiences.

Thank you for reading this message.