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Ian Neal




Locator: IO94es         WAB Square: NZ23         CQ Zone:  14          ITU Zone: 27

I've been a regular SWL for over 50 years and worked on 11m too. I first joined my school radio club (and the RSGB as an associate member) in 1970 and my godfather (now SK) who was a keen operator encouraged me to go for my amateur exam. In those days a Morse competency was required and I didn't have it, so I continued with short wave listening. As soon as Citizens' Band (27MHz, 11m) was legalised in 1981 I entered the CB scene with enthusiasm, even getting a call sign (2G3IN) from what was then the Radiocommunications Agency (RA), which few users bothered to do. We only had 4 watts to play with although many abused that. By the RA's own admission it was almost impossible to control the use of CB and in 2006, OFCOM (the successor to the RA) revoked the need for a licence. I carried on with CB, on and off, for a few years because it fitted very well with my other passion, Land Rovers, where CB could be used really well while overlanding (4w is usually plenty there). CB was falling out of popularity and where I lived at the time there weren't many people to speak to on CB, so as well as off-roading and overlanding I used it mostly on motorways talking to trucks. I also continued as a SWL. Although I maintained my interest in getting my "proper" Amateur Licence, life got in the way and career, children etc etc took first place.

Then I retired and that provided a perfect opportunity to get the support of Essex Ham (at to pass the Foundation exam gaining M7IGN. I bought the Intermediate book and with self-study took and passed that exam, gaining 2E0INX. Studying for the Full exam needed help because I was out of my depth on the electronics and maths stuff. Clubs locally were still not meeting so I joined the Bath Based Distance Learning (BBDL) course. I took and passed the Full Exam with Merit. Huge thanks to Steve Hartley (G0FUW), Martyn Vann (G3RLV) and the team for all their help in getting me here! 





Most of my working is between 10m and 40m using SSB and data modes (FT4 and FT8) but not 11m any more. I am enjoying sticking my toe in the CW water.

DX is more interesting to me than competitions (but have taken part in a few) and I particularly enjoy studying propagation through signal reports from remote stations on FT4/8.

I have achieved DXCC on LoTW and on QRZ I have that and several other awards - see my Awards page on QRZ.COM; I am now working towards WAS. 


Currently almost 5000 successful contacts in 145 countries (Furthest of these is David (ZL2OK) in New Zealand (18,359 km), Anthony (VK6AL) in Australia (14,580 km), Higuchi (JA0FIL) in Japan (12,349 km), Hunsi (YC1JGA) in Indonesia (12,003 km), Luis (PY2VH) in Brazil (9,614 km) and Frans (ZS6FVN) in South Africa (9,405 km) 


Current equipment:


       Transceiver: Yaesu FT-991A (mostly used for V/UHF) but portable too

       Transceiver: Icom IC-7610 (used for HF)

       Mobile transceiver: Yaesu FT-891 (HF mobile/portable)

       Handhelds: Wouxun KG-UV9D Mate and Baofeng BF-F8HP, both with upgraded antennas


       Yaesu M-70 desktop microphone

       Icom SM-10 desktop microphone

       Sharman LM-40 PSU

       Tigertronics sound/data interface (for FT-891)

       Kent straight Morse key and an iambic keyer

       AV-1000 VSWR power meter

       mAT-125E Automatic antenna tuner for portable use

       LDG AT-100 Pro II automatic tuner for the main station

       LiTime 12V 50Ah Lithium LiFePO4 Battery 

current QTHc.jpg


Base antennas:

      HF DX Commander Signature 9 (6-40 m)

      HF MFJ-1836 6-band (6-20 m) Cobweb

      HF 20m dipole (radiating E/W)

       V/UHF - J-pole


Mobile antennas:

       DX Commander Expedition

      Ampro hamsticks for 10, 17 and 20m


  • LOG4OM
  • LoTW



Speaking out

At the National Radio Museum at Bletchley Park