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Photograph by Alistair Pryde of Words & Pictures,

Ask not for whom the hound roos; she roos for thee.
(From: "Send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee." John Donne, 1624)


The Greatham Snowdrop Walk (27/2/22),
in the grounds of the Hospital of God at Greatham.

Our renewed area behind the AirBnB

Remembrance Day Wreath-laying at the Act of Remembrance,
Churches Together service (The Parish of St Mary, Gainford)

April was dominated by mess! More of that in a minute…

Ian’s journey to his Full Radio Amateur Licence continued; and we realise that we haven’t mentioned that much. An update is called for! Now, those of you who are avid readers of this blog (and we know you’re out there and we appreciate your comments) will remember that back in December 2020, Ian passed his Intermediate licence radio exam. There are three stages to full licence, Foundation, Intermediate and Full with each having its own privileges. He did this, mostly, through self study and the next step should have been Full. But when he looked at the licence syllabus and manual, he got a bit scared by the electronics and maths required. He realised that he needed a proper course of study with support from tutors so looked around for a course to join. Locally, things haven’t really got back to speed after Covid, so he looked around for distance learning and the main one is “Bath Based Distance Learning” which seems to be accepted as the best amongst those who know. They only run one Full course a year from August to December – the next one being 2022 and it was September 2021 now, so Ian applied for and signed up for that. He was then given the option of doing the Intermediate course from January to May as a revision … which he took up! That’s got him into a lecture session every Wednesday evening, homework, weekly tests and a local tutor to work with. He’s found it great to be learning again and in a structured way. The course is terrific, really good. More next month when it’ll have finished.

Easter was very quiet for us. Retirement means that we tend not to go anywhere when other people are on holiday … so we hid!

After Easter the mess started! The upstairs of our house is “wrapped” in insulation – it has a 2” layer of glassfibre insulation attached to the outside, covered by a thin layer of render. That was done nearly 30 years ago shortly after we moved in and extended the house significantly. Over the years, we’ve repainted the topcoat of the render but over the last two or three years it has started to separate and crack. Untouched it would soon have got water behind it and the situation would have got far worse very quickly. So the time had come to strip off the loose render and have it redone. We got quotes (which were quite scary) and selected a contractor. The scaffolding went up just after Easter (closing off the garage) and the work started shortly afterwards. We were warned that it would be messy … and they were not wrong! It was also very disruptive in that we had to clear the drive each morning and it’s surprising how dark it feels inside when there’s scaffolding all round the house! This blog entry is being written in very early May and it’s now finished. And it looks terrific … but we still have a lot of mess to clear up. It’ll be tidy and clean again soon!

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