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Photograph by Alistair Pryde of Words & Pictures,

Ask not for whom the hound roos; she roos for thee.
(From: "Send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee." John Donne, 1624)



March continued much as February had been – wild swings of weather (sometimes within a day) from beautiful sunshine to perishing cold. But spring is always a nice time of year, with the evenings getting longer. Then we have the horrible time when government decides that we should all have jetlag while it forces an hour change for no obvious reason. We found that the EU had decided not to have “daylight saving” this year but that action was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve never been sure how tinkering with the time is supposed to cause an astronomical change big enough to save daylight and now we’re not sure why the coronavirus pandemic means that a change to the law that’s been passed doesn’t go ahead … maybe that’s why we’re not politicians!

Anyway, Ian’s now had his first Oxford-Astrazenica jab and has undergone a full-day battery of hands-on tests including EEG while doing tasks, ECG, gait (including a week-long recording), MRI while doing tasks (which was horrible) and so on; all as part of the Newcastle Parkinson’s study we told you about last month. He finished his stint chairing the Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Justices of the Peace at the end of the month, and there’ll be news following that later. Lois spends most of her time on-line (it seems) with all her voluntary work taking place via Zoom or Teams. Tara had to go to the vet because she got sick and was given an opioid injection that sent her, frankly, doolally! Bless her! It would have been funny had it not been worrying. She’s fine now, though. Hannah continues on her PGCE, ending her placement at Park View school and moving after Easter to the UTC … she cannot wait. She’s on the interview treadmill at the moment.

So, in summary, it’s been an uplifting month … the step towards Spring always is, isn’t it. We are moving slowly towards a lifting of lockdown which is nice and we’ve even had an invitation to a lunch in a marquee early next month which will be our first outing and to which we are really looking forward! Could this be the start of the end of this period of our lives that we’ll certainly look back on into the future? Or are we being optimistic? Tell you what, let’s all be optimistic, shall we – it’s good for us!

(Before you ask - no photos this month ... we didn't take any!)

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