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Photograph by Alistair Pryde of Words & Pictures,

Ask not for whom the hound roos; she roos for thee.
(From: "Send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee." John Donne, 1624)


  "37 Milestone"
created in granite by Tim Pomeroy for us, to mark our 37th wedding anniversary
- the last time were were on Arran.

Right, so August … As with July, we have spent a good deal of our time on the refurb of the flat so that we could launch it on AirBnB. We succeeded and the listing can be found here - so please have a look at our hard work! This month we’ve had two lots of two guests, we’re booked for most of September and a bit of October and we’ve even had a booking for the whole of November! We’re really pleased, not just because of the work we put in but also because people want to come and stay with us. We’re really impressed with the platform too – we’re very new to all this and the system guided us through everything. They helped with setting the prices which change automatically according to the time of year, the day of the week, what’s going on in the area and how popular we are; we can even set discounts for week and month-long stays right through to how to do a proper Covid-safe clean. We even attended a live seminar with follow-up advice – really helpful.

In addition to that, we got a few days away, got a survey for getting a solar-power system installed (of which more next month). Tara enjoyed some new places to sniff out, Ian took a trip to Bletchley Park to see the code-breaking place and he visited the National Radio Centre. A smashing couple of days away which he thoroughly enjoyed. See his Tripadvisor reviews for both.

Hannah has finally closed down with Edinburgh Napier University and is very pleased to break all ties with the shit-show of a place. If you’re thinking of studying for a PhD there then our advice, based on our experience, is DON’T – you’ll get very poor supervision and even worse examination arrangements. Contact us if you’d like more details of the horror show that is their Postgraduate setup. She continues her PhD studies with Sunderland next month.

All in all a very good month, although the weather was very poor.

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