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Photograph by Alistair Pryde of Words & Pictures,

Ask not for whom the hound roos; she roos for thee.
(From: "Send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee." John Donne, 1624)


Remembrance Day Wreath-laying at the Act of Remembrance,
Churches Together service (The Parish of St Mary, Gainford)


November’s weather was pretty good … until the last week when Storm Arwen hit us! 100 MPH winds, snow … the lot. Thankfully, we only had a small “outage” and very little damage – others were not so lucky. Much of County Durham and Northumberland were without power overnight and as I write (on 4th December) many are still without power and some are without water because it’s pumped by electricity. Awful for them and has knocked everyone’s faith in moving towards electric ground-source heat pumps to replace gas heating and electric cars for example. We have a generator, but it wouldn’t power a GSHP!

We had out longest AirBnB guest – Toni was here for the whole month working on his archaeology research with Durham University. It was very successful for him and us. We also had the next part of the porch adaptation done – the outside door was fitted so we now have a weather barrier, a noise barrier (next-doors have a very loud dog) and a place for Amazon parcels to be left. Result … and it looks great!

Ian laid a remembrance day wreath on behalf of Her Majesty which was a lovely event at Gainford (see above). It was held on the village green which was a perfect venue – plenty of people turned up and the service was very moving indeed. We’re intending to go back for their carol service – also on the Green.

Also towards the end of the month, Covid reinvented itself again and morphed into the Omicron variant. We’d just had out booster jabs, thankfully, because the centres had to step up their rate shortly afterwards. We don’t really know whether it’s more or less dangerous, nor whether the vaccine will be as effective; but by having the booster we’ve done all we can to help those around us, our loved ones and, maybe, ourselves. We just wish everyone felt the same! Hey ho – there’s no accounting for folks, as they say. Ian made a reminder to himself not to have the Covid booster on the day after his flu jab … he felt awful for a day!

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