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We have owned Land Rovers since 1973.
This is a bit of our history.

If you're good at sums, you'll work out that I was 16 when I bought my first Land Rover in 1973. I took the first few months to rebuild it from close to scrap to a working vehicle that took me through the last year of school and university.

These are scans of rather poor quality photos - all were originally taken between 1974 and 1978.

This is around 1974 or early 1975 I think. I was 17, still at school and this is at a mate's farm in Norfolk. This is me driving in the finest style for a Series 1 - top off, windscreen down. We regretted having the windscreen down, as will be explained in the next caption.

The one driving apparently wearing a black hat is me (and that's not a hat, it's my hair); cream beany hat is Chris Riches and blue bobble hat without the bobble is Dick Frost.

Mike Saull took the picture and sent it to me very recently. Memories! I'm very appreciative of these pics, Mike - the oldest that still exist I think.

Same day as above, in the farmyard. I'm the one leaning over. The two guys in my Landie are Chris and Dick. The macho one on the left is Dave, who is my mate's younger brother. If I remember correctly, we were washing down after a run round the farm. I should point out that the farm was mixed livestock and arable, so had plenty of cows, and their products, about - so the hose down was very necessary to remove the 'mud'.
Around 1976. This is in a car park at Keele University. The vehicle went through a number of reincarnations - at this point you'll see it had a truck cab on it, and nothing over the back. Later it had a tilt over the load area. On the roof is Lucy, who later became a flatmate. I'm not sure why she was on the roof, but it made a nice pic!

The badge on the nearside front is from the Breckland Land Rover Club - I was a member for some years (they still exisit - The one in the middle is the Rover Owners' Association who had a brilliant rally every year. They don't exist any more but were superseded by the Association of Rover Clubs.

The horn below the nearside headlamp was from a scrapyard and was VERY loud!

Probably 1978. The obligatory "Land-Rover-on-hill" shot. I'm not sure where this was or who took it, but at a guess it was around Stoke on Trent somewhere. Obviously the truck cab has been left behind - we used to have long hot Summers in those days!

The girl is Jane - again she became a flatmate and we continue to exchange Christmas cards.

I think this was about 1974 - this is the "Land Rover down a quarry" shot.
1975. This got a laugh or two. I overhauled the engine, doing a full top and bottom end overhaul including regrind of the crackshaft and rebore. However, it was very, very tight when I'd finished, and during the running in period it got hot and it seized until it cooled down a bit. The bike in the back was just in case it didn't unseize, and the notice was to apologise for the slowness of the vehicle. It read "I have a tight big end. Running in. Max 30 MPH SORRY". It kept everyone happy. After 150 miles or so, it was fine, by the way.

The caravan in the background actually belonged to my grandmother. A mate and I towed it to Southport and the Lake District for a great holiday just before University.

Here's a couple of pics just for fun. In 2011, we returned to the place where I'd bought this Land Rover - Poolewe in the North of Scotland. It's still a caravan site, although it's changed hands now, being part of the Camping and Caravanning Club network. Click here for the details of the site as it is now. The pic on the left is the shed where the Land Rover was kept until I collected it in 1973. The pic on the right is the actual sign that was there in 1973.

We trailered it down to Norwich between Christmas and New Year 1973, arriving home on 1/1/74 in the early hours. That was a cold but exciting trip about which I'll tell you if you ask.